Teacher development

Jackdaw offers quality professional development opportunities for teachers with an emphasis on

  • learning to manage today’s diverse classrooms, and
  • equipping learners to meet the challenges of demanding curricula.

Popular topics

  1. Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)
  2. Language across the curriculum / CLIL
  3. Learner independence
  4. Differentiated instruction
  5. Curriculum mapping
  6. Critical thinking skills
  7. Formative and summative assessment
  8. Integration of learning technologies
  9. The skills of questioning and providing feedback
  10. Enquiry-based learning / Problem-based Learning
  11. Managing EAL/ESL learners
  12. Action research / Lesson study


Jackdaw can meet with teams of teachers and school departments to help them find fresh, informed direction in their approaches to learning, teaching and assessment.

Document reviews

Jackdaw is able to review the quality of departmental examination papers and teaching materials in an impartial manner, and is always respectful of the confidentiality of school documents.


Jackdaw can follow up teacher development workshops with targeted lesson observations to help teachers reflect on their experimentation with novel techniques and methods.

Why Jackdaw? Because…

Jackdaw identifies the brightest ideas from educational research and helps schools introduce and apply those ideas in ways compatible with their learning environments.

Jackdaw is concerned to support innovation in pedagogical practice in a manner that is careful, evidence-based and sensitive to the specific learning environment.

Jackdaw aims for long-lasting, positive impact.

Jackdaw is flexible on time and location.

Jackdaw has experience with a number of schools in Hong Kong and Macau:

Please contact Jackdaw Learning & Teaching using the form below. Informal discussion of your school’s development needs is welcomed.

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